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QATAR - Economy

Ullattil Achu

Group CEO, Al Neama Holding (ANH)


Ullattil Achu has been the Group CEO of Dyarco International Group since 2005. He has over 22 years of holding executive management and business leadership roles with prominent international banks, including consulting for a World Bank-funded project. He holds executive and senior directorship in some of the group’s companies including Jotun Paints Qatar, Leminar Qatar, Al Failaq International Trading, Qatar Oilfield Supply Center, and Singapore Petroleum Qatar, to name a few.

"Our primary focus is on delivering high-quality work and fostering innovation while maintaining a positive work culture."
In line with ANH’s strategic approach, Dyarco continues to focus on maintaining and servicing existing infrastructure, planning for the future, and positioning itself for upcoming events in Qatar.
How has Dyarco’s active participation in infrastructure development for the FIFA World Cup contributed to its reputation as a trusted partner?

Dyarco International Group (DIG), along with Intergroup, are subsidiary companies of Al Neama Holding (ANH). We are an established group of companies, having performed well with high revenue returns. We had an excellent year and benefited greatly from the infrastructure development in all areas including elevators, escalators, payment systems, air conditioning, and security and audio systems. We have data to support these findings and were able to take advantage of all available opportunities.

Is Dyarco involved in the preparation of upcoming major events in Qatar such as AFC Asian Cup and World Men’s Handball Championship as well as Expo Doha 2023?

We have a strategic approach. The World Cup was a great success and Qatar has now made a name for itself. While events such as Expo 2023 Doha will not be as massive in terms of participation, they offer the country an opportunity to showcase its culture and other aspects. Qatar’s investment in the World Cup garnered attention from around the world and showcased how international cooperation can be used to develop a country. The infrastructure in Qatar is already well-developed, which is impressive for a small country, and our current focus is to maintain and service this infrastructure as well as plan for the future. As a group of companies with a strong global network and connections, we will update, develop and enhance our presence in technology and other areas. This is all part of our goal for the future as we move toward Vision 2030.

How does Dyarco’s diverse portfolio give it a market advantage as Qatar works to diversify its economy in line with Vision 2030?

We are strongly focused on two areas that are essential for Qatar’s development, particularly in our day-to-day operations. Qatar has to increase oil and gas production and has partnered with European countries to export gas. Accordingly, we have partnerships with high-quality suppliers and large demands coming from oil and gas. We are also investing in advanced technology to minimize efforts and explore underwater activities, repairs and refurbishment of rigs. We also want to participate in the knowledge-driven economy that Qatar is promoting, driven by AI and associated technologies. These are the trends that Qatar needs to continue to develop as one of the biggest centers for education and innovation. As a group, we are exploring how we can contribute to Qatar’s long-term growth and development in these areas by not just bringing in new partners, but also striving to improve our current operations. The overall aim is to improve the quality of our services and products.

How is Dyarco aligned with the government’s aspirations for sustainable economic growth?

Our priority is to remain aligned with the State’s goals such as the increasing demand for gas exploration. We do not want to miss out on any opportunity, whether they are short, medium or long-term opportunities. We value sustainability as one of our core principles, and our services have two key aspects: maintenance and sustainability of infrastructure. Maintaining the integrity of an infrastructure system requires continuous support and upgrading once construction work is done. It is also important to focus on revenue generation and practical applications for sustainability. These are simple, but crucial for real-life sustainability.

What is your outlook for Qatar’s economic sector after the World Cup?

Qatar has been extremely conservative in its GDP, but it has had the highest growth rates. There will definitely be further GDP growth largely because of gas that other countries cannot compare with. There is great generational wealth, and expectations for Qatar’s economy – for the next five years at least – are optimistic, with consistent, tremendous growth. Qatar has shown it can perform under pressure, with a large revenue stream and strong reserves.

What are Dyarco’s main short-term goals for the coming years?

Our primary focus is on delivering high-quality work and fostering innovation while maintaining a positive work culture. Transparency is vital to our success, and it has been a critical factor in our international partnerships. We strongly believe in fostering close relationships with our partners as they are fundamental to our company’s success. As a group that has been operating for over 30 years in Qatar, we have multinational operations in 67 countries, giving us invaluable knowledge and expertise in technology, management and varying cultures. We plan to use this experience to enhance our services and products and expand our presence in the market. Our platform is designed to foster positive relationships, encourage innovation and provide high-quality work environments.



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