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Maroun Sadaka

KUWAIT - Industry

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General Manager, Thyssenkrupp Elevator


Over the past seven years, Maroun Sadaka has assumed different managerial, financial, and compliance responsibilities at thyssenkrupp Elevator’s operations across the Middle East region. Previously, he also worked in the construction and consumer goods industries for five years. Sadaka holds a bachelor’s of science degree in economics from the Lebanese American University in Beirut.

TBY talks to Maroun Sadaka, General Manager of Thyssenkrupp Elevator, on Industry and Foodsector.

How do you ensure thyssenkrupp’s high level of competitiveness?

We have built our position in the global market over a period of 40 years through our unique engineering capabilities and high level of innovation. thyssenkrupp is transforming the global elevator industry by improving existing products and delivering game-changing solutions to make urban mobility more efficient, comfortable, and sustainable. Competitors profile themselves as the biggest, oldest, or most profitable; however, thyssenkrupp is an innovation powerhouse that defines the future of the global industry with its unique solutions. For example, we have recently developed a groundbreaking innovative system called MULTI, a rope-free elevator that harnesses the power of linear motor technology to move multiple cabins in a single shaft, not only vertically but horizontally as well. We have also developed TWIN, allowing two cabins to operate independently in a single shaft. This system significantly reduces the space needed for elevators by up to 40%, therefore reducing construction costs and providing extra leasable space. Another key factor of our competitiveness is our adaptability. We engage in tailor-made projects and customize all our solutions based on our customers’ needs.

In what ways is thyssenkrupp ensuring the maximum level of energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency and space scarcity are two realities in modern cities. Energy net-zero elevators, regenerative drives, and other energy-efficient solutions in our portfolio are high-visibility subjects, garnering positive coverage for our brand and supporting us in the new installation and modernization businesses. Traditional elevator products are becoming more and more efficient and sustainable, but real change can only come from truly innovative and disruptive systems. At thyssenkrupp Elevator, sustainability means investing in innovative mobility solutions that tackle the challenges of urbanization while making cities and buildings smarter and the best places to live in.



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