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Luis Fernando Oliveros

MEXICO - Health & Education

Universal Healthcare

Vice President & General Manager, Medtronic Mexico


Luis Fernando Oliveros has been the Vice President and General Manager of Medtronic Mexico since 2015. He has over 22 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors. He holds a degree in chemical engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana, as well as an MBA from IPADE.

TBY talks to Luis Fernando Oliveros, Vice President & General Manager of Medtronic Mexico on Health and Education sector.

What are the priorities for the new government in terms of fostering innovation and efficiency within the medical devices and healthcare sectors?

It is important to solve problems; for example, what I expect from the government is a commitment to using innovation to achieve universal healthcare. We have always claimed Mexico has universal healthcare, which is true; however, the government system is not delivering the expected results needed to solve the country’s diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular problems. Innovation is how we can work together—both the public and private sectors—to create a healthcare system that finds solutions.

What medical devices are there in terms of progressing toward Industry 4.0?

Many of our and other companies’ devices already have built-in wireless capabilities or network connectivity that allow for remote patient monitoring or image sending. The problem is that we do not have a business model where it makes sense to use the technology, so the technology itself will not make a difference. We have patients with heart failure who need to go to third-level specialized hospitals to get a device implant. We can save millions by remotely monitoring patients and investing in other patients or extending access. We must work on creating a treatment model where technology makes sense and is connected to a treatment process.

What are your goals for Medtronic in 2019?

We have been posting double-digit growth and are continuing to evolve. We started the journey four years ago to truly capitalize the opportunities on offer. Now, we are in the phase where we need to start creating the next growth wave, which goes along the path of how we create the conditions to establish a dialog where we can help the system provide greater access in a holistic way and how we can develop new business models to serve this emerging middle-class segment of 20 million people.



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