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Higher educational institutions in Kuwait are currently focused on improving, reshaping, and diversifying their offerings to meet Vision 2035 and contribute to building a strong economy based on science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Isam Zabalawi

President, Australian University of Kuwait (AU)

Building a sustainable environment that fosters teaching, learning, and research requires us to go the extra mile. This is what our strategy is built on. It takes into consideration Kuwait’s Vision 2035, which identifies investment in human capital and economic diversification as crucial elements for the country’s development. The vision seeks to reform the education system and better prepare the youth. We play a critical role in building and advancing the knowledge-based society through our graduates, innovation, research with impact and contribution to society. Our teaching and learning are built on the highest academic standards. We have developed state-of-the-art facilities to meet the changing teaching and learning needs of our students. Our programs are designed in collaboration with industry and enjoy accreditation by esteemed professional bodies. Over the next few years, the market will be looking for agile, adaptable, and resilient graduates. In uncertain times, these are the most important skills we can give our students. Companies are re-skilling due to the impact of technology and robotics. Therefore, the needs of the market are centered around adaptation to change. That is why our pedagogy ensures our students are learning to think, adapt, find solutions to problems, conceive, design, implement and operate. We are focusing on the importance of learning to learn.

Bassam Alammedine

Acting President & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST)

Numerous factors make GUST unique, including the quality of education and extra-curricular involvement. We make sure to support our students by first improving their knowledge and skill set in the major they chose by delivering the latest topics in the subject matter, then training them to fit the job market, and ensuring they receive personalized support during their learning journey. The high education quality is proven by the accreditations of our programs by the most prestigious academic bodies. For example, our college of business administration is accredited by the Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), and the computer science major is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The mass communication and media program is accredited by the American Communication Association (ACA). Even our English and Mathematics Foundation Units are accredited to ensure our students are getting the best. These ensure that we follow the highest international quality standards of higher education. In addition to in-class teaching activities, we prepare our students through internship programs in sectors like education or mass communication besides preparing those who choose any business major to become entrepreneurs via a practicum course. We are the first university to build and offer such a program in Kuwait. We already have several success stories.

Rawda H. Awwad

President, American University of Kuwait (AUK)

We believe education demands a holistic approach. Students should be engaged in education both in class and during their extracurricular activities. Such engagement on an extracurricular level has always been important. It addresses their emotional and psychological abilities, as well as enhances their passion to things beyond the classroom. But what truly makes us unique is the fact that this entire extracurricular enterprise comes under our liberal arts foundation. Liberal arts education demands engaging students on many levels in and outside of the classroom and providing them with a myriad of opportunities from studying abroad to competing with others. Our goal is to prepare our students for the world “out there.” We like to say we educate them for the last job and not for the first. The ability to maintain that level of flexibility, energy, determined intellectual mindset, and scale on multiple levels is what we can teach our students. We continue to organize sport competitions and events that allow our students to develop their transferable skills and the so called “soft skills,” which are the hardest, and most vital, to obtain. Public speaking, leadership and teamwork are essential. With a global mindset, international sensibility and sensitivity, no matter what happens with the economy, they will be able to survive and thrive.



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