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Ussama Dahabiyeh

CEO, Injazat, a G42 company


Ussama Dahabiyeh is the CEO of Injazat. Before this, he was the company’s CFO for more than four years. He is a board member of Malaffi, AIFlux, and Khazna Data Centers. Dahabiyeh brings to his role two decades of experience in business development, management, strategy, and corporate finance, 12 years of which was at executive leadership level. Prior to joining Injazat, he was a vice president at Mubadala Investment company’s Aerospace Division. Dahabiyeh started his career with Ernst & Young in audit and corporate finance. He is a member of the Young Arab Leaders and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the Applied Science University in Amman, Jordan and an accreditation as a Fellow Charted Accountant from England and Wales in the UK.

"Injazat, a G42 company, has evolved from an IT services provider to become a leading digital transformation company and a global technology partner of choice."
Injazat focuses on providing smart city solutions to create sustainable economic growth, improve the quality of life, and create sustainable environmental solutions.
Can you elaborate on Injazat’s focus on smart cities and industry solutions and how it supports the local community?

Injazat, a G42 company, has evolved from an IT services provider to become a leading digital transformation company and a global technology partner of choice. At Injazat, we believe that smart cities is the application of technology that makes lives better, especially with the government and various enterprise groups focusing heavily on improving the urban environment, generate sustainable economic growth, and create opportunities for citizens. Injazat is a global player with a deep sense of purpose, which is why it is only natural for us to focus on providing and partnering with the government and other enterprises on smart city solutions. We have created a smart city framework geared at creating sustainable economic growth, improving the quality of life, and creating sustainable environmental solutions. We are also considering smart solutions under the theme of safety and security that fit around sustainability, industry, automation, and mobility. The role that we would like to play as a digital transformation expert is to provide city managers with data and insights around key metrics for each city, which can inform decision making at the highest level. We aim to play a key role in providing ultimate visibility for decision makers, while investing in and implementing smart cities and digital transformation solutions.

How does Injazat work with start-ups, and how does it enhance their performance in the industry?

Part of our value proposition is to bring innovation to our customers to solve a specific business issue. What is unique about our approach is our focus on solutions which are tailored to address the specific requirements and situation of the customer. We use a strategic approach, called “InGenius,” which is essentially a combination of people, processes, and partner ecosystem that allows us to engage our clients with an embedded multidisciplinary team, tailored to each project and focusing solely on that customer’s business goals and objectives. That team can include start-ups, technology partners, or consulting partners, the key here is customer success. We use design thinking to better understand a problem in all its dimensions, and then we map them into pathways. We then use an agile approach to test solutions within the customer environment and perfect them. Throughout that journey, we involve a wide range of business partners, often start-ups that bring new competencies and new level of energy and eagerness to prove themselves. It is also a way of giving back to the community by creating opportunities for new thinking. This is why disruptive thinking and innovation often come from smaller teams.

What role does technology play in bringing sustainability to the process and operation in waste reduction?

We are a proud partner of TAQA, one of the largest utility companies in the world by market cap, as a part of its digital transformation. There is considerable emphasis on efficient energy management across the value chain and not just for electricity and water, which is in short supply in the UAE. Technology can play a key role in providing solutions across the entire value chain, where there is waste at the moment, and for the first time, by leveraging technology, we are able to address some of those issues and find feasible solutions. Any solution that is adopted today has to make sense to the user and deliver immediate value. The government is taking laudable steps toward this by changing its approach to subsidizing of water and electricity in the last few years. While that could be painful for the consumer, it is better for the environment, because when the consumer starts to pay, they become more conscious of their consumption. As Injazat and G42, we are on the path of achieving the UAE’s objectives and solid commitment to pursuing a low-carbon economy toward net zero by 2050, where we have achieved and focused on many initiatives and considered many solutions that are eco and environmentally friendly.



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