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MEXICO - Industry

Verónica Pérez

President, Dow North Latin America Region & Commercial Director, Industrial Solutions Business, Dow Latin America


Verónica Pérez is a chemical engineer from UNAM and holds an MBA. She has also participated on the board of trustees of the faculty of chemistry at UNAM, the National Association of the Chemical Industry (ANIQ), and in the organization United Way-United Fund Mexico. She has been recognized as one of the most powerful women in Mexico and Latin America thanks to her leadership work at the head of the business and contributions from the front of the chemical industry.

Aiming to be a company of innovation, Dow is proving how it can add more value to society via chemistry and sciences, including encouraging the younger generation to pursue careers in STEM.
Aiming to be a company of innovation, Dow is proving how it can add more value to society via chemistry and sciences, including encouraging the younger generation to pursue careers in STEM.
What strategies did Dow use to incorporate resilience into its operations?

My first year in my current role was mainly managing the pandemic while keeping competitiveness and maintaining the health and wellness of our people. In summary, our main objectives were the well-being of our people and understanding this market dynamic with new markets and opportunities. We also began to understand the limits of the value chain in this process. We emerged from the pandemic stronger in terms of the understanding our people and the market.

How do you see the industry growth in Mexico in comparison to other Latin American countries?

The north of Latin America needs more attention in terms of strategies to capitalize on its proximity to the US and Canada. Another key point is that it is not only a region of exports but also a region that can potentialize the capital income of the regions. This means bringing value chains and agreements that meet the terms of the Andean region in terms of production and transparency. Within the region, we have seen how areas are working to boost exports as well as better distribution of value within the region. We are also looking at the type of investments we need to make to ensure we can attend to these export markets as well as the domestic market. These are the main common objectives of the region for Dow to focus on. In relation to growth in Mexico, one important thing we are doing in terms of innovation is ensuring we are reaching out to the best talents in the country to boost innovation. We work in different dimensions and are extremely active with universities. We are investing in a program called FIRSTRobotics that encourages interest in science from a young age. We have 10 teams, one of which only comprises women, and this allows us to demonstrate our passion for science and encourage the younger generation to pursue careers in STEM. Another important point in Mexico is looking at how we can work on having a significantly higher impact on the community. Through our partnership with Jaguar TCS Racing, we participated in the Mexico City Prix race of the Formula E circuit. We use such projects to demonstrate the value of science, for example in the automotive and sustainable mobility markets and that we are working in collaboration with others to improve people’s lives. We also have important projects in relation to the needs of the community to participate and resolve matters. We work actively with plastic and recycling in an aim to create a circular economy. We have many projects with organizations where we can include minority groups. These are some of the different areas that we are working on with the objective of giving more value to chemistry and sciences with our vision to be a company of innovation for the client.

What investments will you make in Mexico to expand the company’s presence and its production capacity?

First, we are strengthening our development laboratories, which are extremely important in order to have the agility and focus needed in the innovation process. We are active in terms of initiatives needed for the country to bring in more investment. We need to make sure that the bases of this—the use of energy—has the needed competitiveness and sustainability. In Mexico and the Andean region, we are analyzing and determining what we need to keep investing through new business models. We are always working with recyclers to understand how the chain can advance at a higher pace. We have a plant in Tlaxcala dedicated to the automotive market, and we are looking on how we can keep meeting the requirements demanded by the industry. In Querétaro, we have a plant dedicated to construction and paint, which is a sector that will grow further in Mexico. Our plants in Toluca and Cartagena have been successful and demonstrate that our investments are in line with our plans and allow us to grow with them.



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