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With Saudi Arabia being the largest desalination market in the world, the privatization of water transmission, and a greater focus on overall sustainability, the Kingdom is proving to be a market with almost unlimited opportunities in the sector.

Tariq AlNaeem

CEO, Water Transmission & Technologies Company (WTTCO)

WTTCO was established with the mandate related to the development, funding, and operation of water transmission and storage projects in the Kingdom. Operational excellence is a function of three parameters. The first one is the reliability, namely ensuring an uninterrupted and continuous supply of water to beneficiaries as per the agreed-upon quantities. The second one is quality, which refers to the transmission of water as per the agreed-upon specifications. The third parameter is ensuring the reliability and the quality in the most cost-effective and efficient way. The challenge is striking the right balance between cost efficiency, reliability, and quality when it comes to operational excellence. Technology plays a significant and integral part in the water sector and in particular within water transmission. Today, we think of the water industry as a big data industry. We set massive quantities of data when it comes to water transmission, dispatch information, demands, and seasonal and changing needs. By employing advanced analytical tools, business intelligence tools, and AI techniques, we are able to extract important and useful knowledge to optimize the delivery of water across our transmission network. For now, we are focused on building a high-performing company with profitable results in order to gradually reduce the dependence on the government.

Mahmoud Y. Fallatah

CEO, Nesma Water & Energy

Nesma Water & Energy, supported by its owners, has focused on public-private partnerships (PPPs) in line with Vision 2030 and has established, together with its partners, a strong presence in this sector of the market. Nesma Company operates four PPPs in various locations and scope. NW&E had positioned itself as one of the companies with PPPs in Yanbu and Jubail, in addition to a number of construction and O&M projects spread out all over Saudi Arabia. Our aim now is to position ourselves solidly in this sector to grow further without overlooking the EPC and O&M sectors. We are also currently constructing two projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain to start and plan to expand further beyond our local boundaries to cover every GCC country as the need arises. Our strategic objectives and targets are aligned with Saudi Vision 2030 in terms of growth and serving society in a more efficient manner, which will enhance the advancement of this Kingdom among international players at a political and economic level, without forgetting the role of new technologies in this regard. Finally, we expect to achieve our targets through building excellent synergy with our partners and clients alike, since we all share the same vision and operate on similar grounds.

Nizar Kammourie

CEO, SAWACO Water Group

SAWACO received its license to operate in 1999, built its plants in 2000, and began its operations in 2001, and we have been operating them ever since. It was a license to develop desalination plants and deliver water as a private water utility. We had to look for customers to contract and supply water. We built our own desalination plants and have our own fleet of trucks; we also supply water via pipeline. SAWACO does commercial business: we identify water supply gaps and fulfill it with our own resources. Recently, we partnered with Aqua Power on a large project for IWP where we have 30% of the share. The plant has been up and running since December 31, 2021. SAWACO is a highly digitalized company. We run our business through an ERP, we use Dynamics from Microsoft, and we have developed our own software, our own portal for operations, where we control every aspect of our business. It is integrated with the ERP. In all our plants, we have a fully automated system. Additionally, we plan to implement AI in SAWACO. We are currently in discussions with a few companies to see which one would suit us better and will start the gradual implementation.

Iago Vazquez

Country Manager, Idrica

Idrica Saudi is the Saudi branch of GoAigua, which belongs to the same group as Aguas de Valencia, with about 40 companies, including service operators, private or partially owned by the Public Administration and providers of services. Aguas de Valencia was founded in 1890 and provides different services related to the entire water cycle, from collection and purification to sewage treatment, through distribution, maintenance, and conservation. Idrica was created to develop the international activity of Aguas de Valencia in Spain. In addition, Idrica leads the digitalization of the water sector, delivering services and the technological solution GoAigua for water cycle management. Idrica’s most valuable assets are its methodology and software, as well as its IT experts and water consultants that made the change possible. Today, Idrica, as pioneer of technology and knowledge provider, is able to offer new solutions built on the experience of its success story, and it is ready to share its expertise with companies and organizations to progress in the digital transformation journey. Our team in Saudi Arabia is constantly growing, and we expect the business to grow every day. Due to factors such as water scarcity in the region, our offices in Qatar and Saudi Arabia will soon become two key assets for the company.

Tarek Sayad

Regional Manager, MENA, Xylem

Xylem is global leader in manufacturing water solution products. In Saudi, Xylem has been operating for more than 20 years and is best known through its many renowned brands such as Flgyt, Lowara, Goulds Water Technology, Wedeco, Sanitare, and more. Xylem also operates in the Kingdom through its local partners such as Abu Nayyan, Samnan, EWM, and many others. Xylem is major player in desalination market in Saudi. We have supplied the Jubail and Shuaiba desalination projects for pre-treatment of seawater prior to feeding the RO plants. Xylem is participating in all the major water projects in Saudi Arabia. We have a major focus on desalination projects. There are more than 60 upcoming projects that we would like to be a part of. We have a dedicated team in Saudi Arabia negotiating our involvement in such megaprojects. Xylem is committed to bringing together simple, intelligent, and connected solutions and products to have an efficient outcome. We are involved in producing solutions that are available in the entire water cycle, from the time it is taken out from the source, for example, the sea here, to desalination, cleaning, filtration, transportation, and then going back into the sea and doing that in a clean, sustainable, and efficient way.

Saeed Al Harthi

CEO, Arabian Japanese Membrane Company (AJMC), Saudi Arabia

Our company was established in 2010 by ACWA Holding, TOYOBO Company, and Itochu Corporations. We started our partial production in 2012 while full production in 2014 with 12 people and expanded as the production process increased. The capital is SAR23.6 million. The desalination sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is large, and our company isn’t new. We started membrane production since 2014, while Toyobo has been supplying the water sector in the Kingdom since 1989. Due to the large requirements for TOYOBO membrane and supply security, the government asked to localize the production in the country and it was done. We are now making several memorandum standings with different sectors in the Kingdom for the business of FO, brine concentration/management, etc. AJMC is always bringing new ideas to the sector. We are working with many sectors including the private sector, such as Marafiq, ARAMCO, NEOM and IWP Companies other than SWCC. Our client are mainly users who is currently using our membrane, and secondly, engineering company who will apply our products/technology in their project. We are always working through different engineering companies in Japan, here in Saudi Arabia and other worldwide engineering companies. Our door is open for all the engineering companies and contractors.



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