The Business Year

Fitness centers in Kuwait want to encourage wellness in the country through exercise and healthy nutrition.

Abdullah Al Askari

Managing Partner, C Club

As with any other business, it is important to set up a solid, exhaustive business plan that will constitute the backbone of any future decision. The fitness sector is booming; therefore, it is paramount for an entrepreneur in this industry to find new ways to become unique in the market, by either exploiting a certain niche or by offering high-quality services and equipment while taking into consideration the available capital for investment and the location of the facility. In addition, defining a concept is key to having a successful business; a philosophy needs to be implemented for people to connect with the concept. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to set timelines and goals in order to monitor the success of the business and look at new solutions that can be implemented along the way. Setting up a health and fitness business requires passion, dedication, and consistency; however, more importantly, it demands hard work and being able to find the most adapted solutions to make the business grow, either through re-investing the capital or external financing. We do play a role and make a difference by restructuring the club and changing our members’ behaviors. They start to see a positive difference after a few years, namely increased levels of physical performance, longevity, and less visits to health professionals. Exercising also plays a significant role at work, since our members tend to feel more energetic and focused.

Faris Al-Obaid

Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Southpaw

What we provide at Southpaw is a fun, invigorating, and challenging workout that promises to change the way one sees and feels about exercising. Through our preliminary research, we realized the female segment in the Kuwaiti market was underserved in terms of options. Also, most gyms are packed and do not keep up with the demand. Our concept will mainly focus on serving the female segment, especially newcomers who want to change their lifestyles and have never exercised before. Southpaw gym will provide a friendly, safe, and fun environment that will challenge the entire body during our 50-minute group class workouts. Through the use of our patented Aqua punching bags and customized benches, customers will get to experience punching a bag filled with water that will be easy on the wrist and blasting music experience with strobe lights around that will keep you going. Our lifestyles have changed drastically. Due to work, family, and the stress we face in life, it is becoming harder to have a well-balanced lifestyle where one can take good care of their general health. We promise our customers a unique selling proposition, through a quick in-and-out experience (50-minute HIIT group workout) with non-binding memberships; they can come into our boutique gyms at the time of their choice and always leave with a smile and a memorable workout, while wanting more.

Jassim Al Mudhaf

CEO, Jassim Al Mudhaf

The Burrow started as a result of the investment of five Kuwaiti families keen to make a difference to the health and fitness of the local community. We saw a gap in the market in Kuwait for functional fitness, group classes, and top-quality coaching from personal trainers. We then narrowed the gap by recruiting the most talented, experienced, and qualified coaches from around the world. We focused heavily on the branding of our facility, and the name The Burrow refers to Alice in Wonderland, namely “The rabbit hole where nothing makes sense, but everything is amazing.“ This branding alongside the provision of top-notch coaches with the best possible customer experience and training facilities are among the key factors of our success. Contributing to a healthier Kuwait is part of our long-term vision at The Burrow. One of our main goals is to provide all aspects of health and fitness within our facility, without the need to look elsewhere. We provide personal training packages aimed at preventing and tackling specific issues such as diabetes or obesity. We are strongly aware that health goes beyond training. We also contribute to annual charitable events such as Burn Out Hunger, where we donate around 800 meals to people in need every Ramadan.



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