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With excellent prospects and opportunities, Ghana is, in fact, an untapped market in general.

Ramy Hashem

Country Senior Officer, Nokia Ghana

We came to Ghana in November 2015 when the country lacked a reliable and consistent supply of electricity, even though the existing installed capacity of the power plants was far below total demand. Therefore, the government of Ghana and ECG decided to deploy our first Powership with an installed capacity of 235MW, followed by our recent 470MW Powership, which is currently undergoing requisite commissioning procedures. We are 100% focused on maintaining an efficient supply of power to Ghana and its people at a low cost. Karpowership is operational in four countries: Indonesia, Lebanon, Mozambique, and Ghana. Each country has its specific needs, advantages and disadvantages. Ghana is a democratic country with a peaceful and stable political setting that creates an enabling environment for foreign investors. Companies wanting to do business in Ghana must always be reliable and trustworthy. Additionally, the Ghanaian people are hospitable and human relations are important in Ghana. In the big picture, these are positive attributes that influence management issues and not just the operation of making business developments so operation wise this is extremely effective.

Mark Douglas

Country Manager, Dizengoff Ghana

Nokia has actively been operating in the country for the last 19 years, first as Alcatel-Lucent and then for the last three years as Nokia. Ghana is a growing market for Nokia, with ultra-broadband access and IP networking at the top of our priority list for the country and the region. Our business in the country is strongly aligned to position us as a market leader that competes from a position of strength from all perspectives—from our technology portfolio and geographical reach to our operational plans. The mobile market in Ghana still has growth potential and displayed stable signs of organic subscriber uptake in 2016, performing in line with market researchers’ forecasts. We anticipate the market to grow in the coming years. The broadband internet market is underserved as customers’ expectations of speed and reliability are not yet matched with suitable offers they can afford. Projects such as the Google-backed CSquared open access network and nascent fiber-to-the-home deployments from major operators should foster the sector. Introducing new technologies will improve ICT infrastructure and provide the means to extend internet broadband connectivity nationwide.


Country Manager, Volkan BÜYÜKBİÇER

One of our top priorities is to put Dizengoff back on the business map. Our key focus is to ensure that we are visible in the marketplace and that people are aware of what Dizengoff offers. We are not just a product-based business but also a solution-based one. Ghana’s competitive advantage starts with an educated and willing workforce. The infrastructure can deal with growth over the next few years, though it needs some investment. The stability of the currency over the next few years would be a big plus. Our proximity to North America, South America, and Europe is of great advantage. If shipping lanes had to open up directly to Ghana, rather than around the tip of Africa it would be of great benefit to us. There only needs to be a realization of the existing opportunities for the Ghanaian economy to flourish. The northern region at the moment is untapped. Because of the logistical issues of getting to that region, it has been largely circumvented, with the focus having been on the Greater Accra region as well as Kumasi. We have also concentrated on supporting neighboring countries, despite linguistic and logistic challenges.



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