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Sergio Villalon

Market Leader LATAM, Philips Lighting

Mexico City already has an advanced lighting infrastructure. We are working with the city to develop ways for them to utilize the systems they have in the most efficient, effective, and productive ways. For example, during breast cancer awareness month the city could turn its monuments pink. The city now has the freedom to utilize its technology in a creative way while simultaneously getting important messages to the public. We have entered a new era, and we are no longer just selling basic lighting products; we design and implement complete lighting systems that add value and quality to consumers’ lives. Mexico has more Philips Lighting manufacturing sites than any country in Latin America. We have four large facilities and over 4,000 employees. We have a large plant in Tijuana, two plants in Chihuahua, and our newest plant is near Monterrey. With these four factories we develop all the lighting portfolios across the Americas. Though most of these facilities’ output is exported to the US, we serve Mexico and Latin America.

Craig Breese

CEO, Honeywell

There are several things that set Mexico apart from the rest of the world. In Honeywell there is a group of countries denominated as high-growth regions. Mexico is in the top five along with China, India, Brazil, and Russia. One of the most exciting things about Mexico is its diverse economic base. Automotive is where manufacturing really took off, but it has since spread into aerospace and other sectors. This diversity gives the country less of a risk profile and more of an opportunity and growth profile. As Mexico develops its infrastructure and education, we will see much more growth in the southern areas, which could be a profitable area of investment and could lead to real, sustainable development. One of the first places we entered in the Mexican market was Tijuana but we have presence in cities like Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez, San Luis Potosi, Mexicali, Monterrey, and Mexico City.

Ramiro de León

Director General, Ramiro de León

Masisa is part of a company that has a strong presence in Latin American operations. We arrived in Mexico in 2001. In the beginning, it was difficult to introduce our materials in Mexico, as the way construction was being done was different than it is now. We were the first to introduce Chilean technology and promote the use of such products. Of the countries where MASISA has operations, Mexico is number one. We are extremely happy that our board of directors has confidence in us and has invested in Mexico while our competitors were investing in other countries such as Brazil and Chile. The economic situation in Mexico, despite certain macroeconomic issues, is the most important in the region. The trade balance is negative because Mexico imports a great deal of furniture from other countries like China and the US. With such an investment MASISA Mexico seeks to promote the local industry and generate jobs. It is also important to give local designers who can introduce Mexican design an opportunity.

Paula Santilli

CEO, PepsiCo Alimentos Mexico

PepsiCo has grown alongside Mexican families for more than 100 years, which illustrates just how important the Mexican market has been for us. Throughout the years, we have grown through acquisitions at both a global and domestic level. We operate under a multi-category business that has been around for many years. Our portfolio is composed of many of the country’s most-loved brands nationwide like Sabritas, Quaker, Gamesa, and Sonric’s. We have a great deal of respect from our consumers and are extremely proud to be close to Mexican families. We have a huge agriculture footprint in Mexico, being an agro-industrial company, and have great partners working with us in order to develop, not only new and better products, but also providing access to quality agricultural programs. I visit our farms every single year to talk to our suppliers and partners, and this brings us close to where our products are coming from. Agro has a huge growth potential here in Mexico.

Enrique González Haas

Country President, Schneider Electric

Mexico has different contributions to the company strategy between sales and revenues. Mexico is one of the top countries for Schneider Electric for many reasons. We employ more than 9,000 people in the country and have 12 facilities that are primarily focused on products for both export and parts for the local market. Mexico has demonstrated a high level of quality and engagement with world-class manufacturing since 1994. The footprint for Schneider in Mexico has increased significantly in this timeframe in terms of manufacturing; we also have close to 300 engineers working for Schneider in Monterrey in our R&D center. This center has the latest R&D technology and is why Schneider continues to invest in Mexico, as it has proven to be a country that provides value for the investment and growth that we have experienced in terms of sales, employees, and exports. We have demonstrated stability in terms of business management and economy management. Mexico is a top priority for our company.



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