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Oviedo President

COLOMBIA - Energy & Mining

William Fernando Oviedo

William Fernando, Alcanos de Colombia


William Fernando Oviedo has experience in general management positions in companies in the industrial sectors of oil and gas, steel, and manufacturing. He has experience in building high-performance teams in marketing, sales, administration, finance, production, and supply, leading the development of people and creating long-term relationships with customers.

TBY talks to William Fernando Oviedo, President of Alcanos de Colombia.

How does Alcanos help to guarantee safe energy for citizens, and what are its ambitions going forward?

In the gas distribution chain, Alcanos has been the leader in achieving the connection of remote users. We are strong in the southern regions of the country where the transport of natural gas cannot occur. The development is strongly focused on attending to these populations with guaranteed service. First, we sign a supply contract, which allows reliability and continuity. This guarantees the service. Second, the diversification of methods. We have impacted the majority of the population through the national gas transport system. We have been leaders and pioneers in the development of virtual gas pipelines. We transport gas and connect these populations to natural gas. We have strong logistics and have specialized in transporting gas to zones that are not connected. This allows the company to continue to grow and bring coverage to these zones. A distributor from one principal city or a highly populated area will look positively on making this type of investment. It brings quality of life to zones that are difficult to access and costly.

What social impact campaigns does Alcanos have, and what efforts did you make to maintain competitive prices, especially during the pandemic?

Alcanos has a strong social mission, especially in the ambition to bring energy resources to remote populations. From an objective point of view, having Alcanos in remote zones has been fundamental. We connected populations that would hardly connect by offering them viable economic conditions. The competitive rate of the energy sector is marked by a regulation that makes everyone in the market compete and consume. If Alcanos did not have the option to make this transfer, we would reach them with non-competitive conditions. The strategy is to continue this expansion and have a competitive pricing framework compared to other fuels. It will not be the cheapest, but the rate can compete with other fuel solution offers that attend to this demand. We are heavily focused on this. 



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