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ANGOLA - Finance

Wilson Ganga

CEO, PayPay Africa


Wilson Ganga has extensive experience in marketing and digital business. In 2015 he launched Tupuca with his partners, what turned out to be the first on-demand delivery company in Angola, and is still is the largest. After that, they worked to create what is right now the largest Electric taxi fleet in Africa called T´Leva, with almost 4,000 electric cars serving the country and employing citizens. He is Founder and Director of G-Smart Solutions, a digital marketing company, with nationals and international firms. Right now he working on developing PayPay Africa, a digital wallet that is changing the way Angolans know payment

"Financial inclusion is growing even though Angola is always slightly behind. PayPay is growing, and we are extremely pleased."
How has the company evolved over the last year?

We are always finding new things to do. My focus is still PayPay, which is too big of a sector to focus on. The best thing about it is that one can now send money from Angola to anywhere in the world due to our partnership with Western Union. This has already made a significant difference to the local market. We have about 4,000 merchants who receive cash with PayPay as well as supermarkets such as Candando, Fresh Mart, and Angomart. Financial inclusion is growing even though Angola is always slightly behind. PayPay is growing, and we are extremely pleased. We are discovering different business opportunities from something that we have been investigating this year: electric chargers. T’Leva has 3,000 electric cars in Angola, and the world is gradually moving toward clean energy. Accordingly, we are importing electric chargers that we have been installing inside Pumangol and Total. We already know that large companies will gradually start importing electric cars, and they can charge these vehicles at our charging stations. We are also looking at solar energy and are bringing in solar panels that we will install above small stores in Angola. We won a major concession for a farm in Malanje and will develop an industrial farm. We are working on finding the best investor to partner with because Angola is growing rapidly. We need to stop importing food and start growing our own food. We are studying the best products, soil, and weather conditions to develop the best products.

PayPay has become the first digital Angolan app to offer QR code payment. How you anticipate the population in Angola embracing this payment method?

Right now, Angolans have embraced it quickly because there are opportunities for people to win money with it. We have an agent service that provides commissions for those who resell our services. We also have different marketing strategies like cash back. People are paying with QR codes and are getting things at a lower price, so they are adapting quickly. People just needed to find the value in it. The informal market might be large, but many people have smartphones. And if they do not have one, once they are aware of the advantages, they will buy one. People do adapt quickly.

PayPay has introduced a new university project focusing on financial education, digital security, and digital wallets. What is your long-term mission?

Our long-term mission with the PayPay university project is nothing short of transformational. We’re determined to empower the unbanked population, providing them with essential financial education, digital security knowledge, and access to digital wallets. This initiative isn’t just about technology; it’s about creating a more inclusive society. By equipping underserved communities with the tools to manage their finances securely and embrace the digital economy, we’re breaking down barriers and unlocking new opportunities. Our mission is to bridge the financial divide, fostering financial independence and resilience among the unbanked. In doing so, we aim to catalyze economic growth and social progress on an unprecedented scale.

What do you envision for the future of the fintech sector in Angola, and what are the innovative ideas that you have for the future?

The future of Angola’s fintech sector is promising, driven by a vision of inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability. We aim to reach every Angolan, offering user-friendly financial services, bridging the digital divide, and ensuring eco-friendly practices. Collaboration between government, institutions, and startups will foster a thriving fintech ecosystem, combining innovation with regulatory support. Together, we’ll empower individuals and small businesses, driving economic growth and sustainable development. Angola can emerge as a beacon of fintech excellence, creating a prosperous and inclusive future for all.



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