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Yasmin AlMostehy

Executive Director, Middle East Venture Capital Association (MEVCA)


Yasmin AlMostehy is the Executive Director of the Middle East Venture Capital Association (MEVCA). She came to MEVCA with 20 years of corporate management experience across four continents, with a focus on sustainability and social impact in organizations including DHL Express, Zain/Celtel, and the Boston Consulting Group. She earned her master’s in project management from George Washington University and her bachelor’s in international relations from the American University in Cairo.

"The association became a fully fledged governance organization in August 2020, when we officially appointed our board of directors and our strategic plans were put into action."
Yasmin AlMostehy is Executive Director of Middle East Venture Capital Association (MEVCA).
What is MEVCA’s strategy to advance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region?

The association became a fully fledged governance organization in August 2020, when we officially appointed our board of directors and our strategic plans were put into action. Despite the fact that start-ups can also benefit from what we have to offer indirectly, VCs are our primary focus. Our projects are focused on creating communities, connecting people, exchanging knowledge, education, and developing best practices for the area—things that did not formally exist under a single entity before MEVCA was established. In order to assist regulatory frameworks that encourage growth in the area, we also offer policy advocacy and act as a direct link between governmental agencies and the venture capital industry. MEVCA partners with regional VCAs in MENA, and offers support as needed. This helps us extend our reach across the region and bring together the various markets. The ecosystem’s holistic unification and strengthening is our main objective. Despite the fact that our initiatives can take many different shapes, they always adhere to the three principles that MEVCA was established upon.

What are the main steps to help a company mitigate or manage risk?

We as an organization provide support through two different sections. Our initial branch offers direction and assistance to novice venture investors who need help navigating the ecosystem. Any venture investor wishing to enter this industry is urged to contact MEVCA, as we have a strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), which compliments both our association’s goals as a public-private partnership. We provide a thorough informational resource for these VCs, assisting them in navigating the ecosystem successfully. Our second branch is dedicated to building a thriving and powerful VC community. This entails holding periodic invite-only roundtable discussions and private one-on-one meetings with a variety of stakeholders, including venture capitalists, LPs, the public sector, and family offices. Our goal is to determine the needs of VCs and meet those needs by offering them the connections, knowledge, information, and lobbying help they require. We work hard to bring together a variety of investors from the local, regional, and international markets.



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