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SAUDI ARABIA - Telecoms & IT

Yasser Alobaidan

Chairman, Jawraa


Yasser Alobaidan is a visionary leader who connects various industries through digitalization and leverages digital disruption to transform how governments and industries function. In his current role as Founder & CEO of Jawraa, he directs the company’s operations, including its subsidiaries and each of its five business units. He is the architect behind the company’s continuing expansion with long-term projects across the public and private sectors.

"In line with Vision 2030, the time has now come for Saudi Arabia to become a global leader in the export of cutting-edge technology, digital services, and future-facing talent."
TBY talks to Yasser Alobaidan, Chairman of Jawraa.
How much have you been investing and focusing on Saudi Arabia’s digital transition and establishing Jawraa as a leader in KSA’s digital economy?

In line with Vision 2030, the time has now come for Saudi Arabia to become a global leader in the export of cutting-edge technology, digital services, and future-facing talent. We are now entered a rapidly growing phase of creating a digital economy, which implies looking at new upcoming technologies, including Web3.0, the Metaverse, NFTs, smart contracts, and so forth. We have begun building solutions and technologies based on these latest technologies with the aim of being a leader within each of these domains and then exporting that knowledge and talent outside. Since early 2022, we have invested heavily to create a digital factory. We have created a team that is fully dedicated to delivering services and products on web technologies and blockchain. In our digital factory, we also focus on R&D of our own products and services and our own ideas. We invest approximately 15% of our profits into R&D. We develop our own innovative products and services; we export it to platforms or products; and then we sell it either locally or internationally. We have also started engaging more closely with new customers. We are currently building a digital factory for then. We bring in expert teams to oversee and build the talent to develop these applications and services based on Web3.0 technologies.

How are you working to consolidate and expand your operations internationally?

The beauty of transforming digitally is that you shed all geographical limitations. Locations become arbitrary, and only the talent and what you can achieve with them matter. We generate knowledge and export it either through products or services. We are already working in Iraq, the UAE, and Nigeria. Although about 90% of our income comes from Saudi Arabia, though we are looking to reduce our dependency on the domestic market and expand internationally. We are ready to compete internationally and create and add value to every single partner. When we set our mindset to creating a necessary product or service, we look at the gaps and the areas that need to be bridged and assess how we can solve specific problems.



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