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Nasir Al Mulla Al Jasmi

UAE, ABU DHABI - Economy

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CEO, Zone Group


In addition to his current role as CEO of Zone Group, Nasir Al Mulla Al Jasmi is also Director of Public Relations and Communications at the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA). Prior to that, he was Head of Corporate Communications and Multimedia at ADGAS. He holds an Executive Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Higher Colleges of Technology and a degree in Mass Communications from UAE University.

Who are your main clients? Most of our clients are from government departments. With exhibitions in Abu Dhabi being one of the largest industries, and due to our strong relationship […]

Who are your main clients?

Most of our clients are from government departments. With exhibitions in Abu Dhabi being one of the largest industries, and due to our strong relationship with most of the government entities in Abu Dhabi, they have been the group’s main focus. We are implementing projects for Abu Dhabi entities in the country, but are also doing so for them internationally in Brazil, Turkey, and France. In addition, we have organized a number of international events in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

Abu Dhabi is an events destination and every month sees a world-class exhibition in this city. How has this high tempo of events assisted your business?

Economic growth has helped us expand considerably. In Abu Dhabi, you should provide unique and different services, as clients here are highly selective. They have sophisticated tastes and standards, and pleasing them is not easy. In fact, it is hard to survive in Abu Dhabi without the right creativity and productivity. Our team is very special in that they are creative, productive, and work well under pressure. To give you an example, in 4Q2013, we had 25 projects in the pipeline that needed organizing within just 10 weeks, but we were, as always, up to the challenge.

Do you have advice for entrepreneurs establishing a business in Abu Dhabi?

I have many friends who would like to start their own businesses, and, based on my education and experience, I now find it easy to carry out business feasibility studies using a series of simple tools. I also encourage them to do their best to identify how to be unique. I have advised a handful of friends, and some of them went on to develop successful businesses. Also, at Zone Group, we try to encourage young, creative people and entrepreneurs. When I hear of young people of potential who are seeking opportunities, we, as a group, try to support them however we can. For example, a young group of women planning an exhibition of hand-made clothes took my advice of establishing an identity through marketing, sponsorships, and putting on fashion shows. We promised to support them in taking their first steps. We also sponsored a photography competition during IDEX on Instagram for the Abu Dhabi Instagram group comprised of talented young Emiratis, to raise their profile at an international level. We also supported them by putting them in touch with the Abu Dhabi government, and the two parties went on to create a calendar.

“Most of our clients are from government departments.”

What do investors need to know about the business environment in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is booming and is becoming very attractive for investments and business people. There is huge potential with the islands of Yas, Saadiyat, and Reem for sports, entertainment, and business. And what we see now is only the beginning of what Abu Dhabi will become by 2030. Abu Dhabi is one of the most important cities in terms of tourism, culture, events, and exhibitions. A decade ago, when we traveled and explained where we were from, no one knew Abu Dhabi, and we had to mention Dubai for people to be able to figure it out. Yet, over the past few years, it has become well known, and I am sure that within 10 years we will become even more notable. What Abu Dhabi is becoming now is a living legacy of the vision of the late HH Sheikh Zayed, meeting the strategy set forth by the President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, which is being implemented by HH General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. We are lucky and proud to be part of what is happening in our beloved country, and I am encouraging both Emiratis and foreigners to be a part of this region’s positive transformation.



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