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KUWAIT - Health & Education

Yousef Al-Husaini

Co-Founder & CEO, Baims


Yousef Al-Husaini is the Co-Founder & CEO of Baims, an online educational platform that makes educational tailored content accessible to students in the GCC. He holds industrial engineering degree from Kuwait University and has been building mobile apps since he was 12.

"We started Baims in 2017 with the goal of creating online IT-focused courses in Arabic."
TBY talks to Yousef Al-Husaini, Co-Founder & CEO of Baims, about the company’s success and the potential of Kuwait.
What makes Baims so successful and unique?

We started Baims in 2017 with the goal of creating online IT-focused courses in Arabic. It took us some time before we pivoted and addressed the challenge of tutoring at universities. There is heavy demand and only so many hours in a day for a professor to tutor everyone who needs their support. Baims partners with teachers, records a professional set of classes with them, and then offers these classes to students, who can watch and learn at their chosen pace. It is also much cheaper than an average hour with a tutor. This way, through producing university-aligned courses and recording them, we can support students in their studies. We have recreated this process in the five countries where we currently operate, and it has been a success. It is a great way of tackling the demand issue, through an affordable solution. Moreover, we have had great feedback so far, with many students relying on Baims for their academic success. Baims may just be the biggest videos producer in the country, currently producing over 500 videos of courses a day, and we expect to double or even quadruple this figure in the coming months.

Where do you currently see the potential for entrepreneurial success in the country?

In terms of the opportunities within the technological SMEs market, the F&B sector is still ripe for exploring. You can do a great deal with the use of technology in this field. From cloud kitchens, AI learning, and e-commerce—there are still many options to choose from and develop. In addition, there is barely anything being done in the health sector, where one could easily come up with some new solutions to address the problems of daily life. There is still plenty of room for new start-ups to develop and thrive, though we need to make the environment more friendly for them. I hope to see more on the agricultural side, fashion industry, and B2B services space. Great ideas are everywhere, and I have no doubt many young entrepreneurs will take them forward and make them a reality.



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