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Scheed Cole

JAMAICA - Green Economy


Founder, 360 Recycle Manufacturing Ltd.


Scheed Cole has been commended for his technical, artistic, and engineering skills, which have set him apart as one of Jamaica’s most innovative and skillful artists. Cole was a dedicated teacher and has volunteered his service by using art to engage and transform the lives of young people and built three art-based companies. In 2017, he launched 360Recycle Manufacturing Ltd, a nonprofit to combat the waste issue in Jamaica by stimulating social behavioral change to waste management, provide jobs and create an alternative opportunity for persons who cannot get jobs in the formal sector.

TBY talks to Scheed Cole, Founder of 360 Recycle Manufacturing Ltd.on Green Economy sector.

What have been the main highlights of 360 Recycle Manufacturing so far?

Undoubtedly, one of the main highlights for us is introducing the five stages of recycling to Jamaica. Jamaica used to collect and export waste rather than use the waste locally to create goods and services. We pioneered a zero-waste approach to waste management. We are most recognized for the fact that we have created an economy out of recycling that puts recycling in the hands of normal citizens; one does not have to be a large-scale recycler with funding to purchase large properties and big equipment. Now, communities can do their own recycling as well, and the common man can earn a living from in it in a value-added way.

How does the company manage to be predominantly self funded?

With the circular approach, we are able to create products that can compete with regular and conventional products on the market by using a composite material. It is a combination of waste products such as plastics, paper, styrofoam, sawdust, and glass used to create a composite that has a lighter weight than regular concrete. We add an esthetic value to our product to help them stand out in the marketplace. As people become more aware and companies become more focused on becoming green partners, projects like playgrounds, school facilities, and parks will be funded. Recycling is a five-stage process that begins with collecting, then sorting, processing, manufacturing, and selling. If products are not being sold, the cycle ends. Therefore, the fact that the products are being sold by us, we can show the loop taking place.

How would you describe your client profile in Jamaica?

Our clients include corporate sponsors, foundations, schools, and regular end users. We consider all of our customers as partners, because they close the loop in the circular economy; we advocate that they recycle with us. We ask them to partner with us in protecting the environment and local youth by purchasing from us. Our partners also sponsor projects, such as providing a community or school with playgrounds, bins, or street side planters.



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