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Abdullatif Abdulhadi

Executive Director, AMCL

Abdullah Al-Moaibed

Vice-Chairman, AMCL

What economic benefits do your efforts give the Saudi market? Currently, Saudi Arabia is the largest hydrocarbon producer in the world, whether in oil products or petrochemicals. SABIC is one […]

What economic benefits do your efforts give the Saudi market?

Currently, Saudi Arabia is the largest hydrocarbon producer in the world, whether in oil products or petrochemicals. SABIC is one of the largest players globally. Therefore, it makes sense to have the capability to support this local industry with local resources. This will create job opportunities for the local population. The engineering industry does not employ hundreds of thousands of people, but they are highly paid positions, and, therefore, will create a knowledge culture, which will increase the pool of our process capability, which is the nucleus for the further development of the hydrocarbon sector. The availability of these local resources will also facilitate the expansion of manufacturing and local procurement. Naturally, if we grow and we are competitive, then our local offices can compete internationally and go beyond Saudi Arabia to the GCC, and maybe eventually to the international market.

What have you introduced since the KBR merger to facilitate that knowledge transfer?

ABDULLAH AL-MOAIBED Naturally, we are not starting from scratch. KBR is a global player in the engineering market. It has its own training procedures and manuals, as well as the KBR University. The challenge now is to find local talent and provide them with attractive career plans. The infrastructure has already been created in terms of services, IT, training, and materials. We are now in the process of sending Saudis to different KBR entities in the UK and the US to train them on actual and active projects. Of course, it is not a short-term solution; this is going to take years, and it needs to be done gradually. Our commitment to the contract on our projects with our clients, mainly Saudi Aramco, is to maximize the local content within the next five-to-eight years.

Who are your main clients?

AAM In the hydrocarbons sector, Aramco, SABIC, and some private sector petrochemicals are driving the market. Therefore, we are focusing on them, but we hope in the medium term to expand our client base. For the non-hydrocarbon sector, our main clients are the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, regional municipalities, the Royal Commission, and the Saudi Electricity Company in parallel to various private-sector clients.

In the non-oil market, how do you stay competitive?

AA With Azmi Abdulhadi & Abdullah Al Moaibed Company Ltd (AMCL) being a local company, our overhead is maintained at acceptable levels. Commercially, we have been able to compete with similar-sized companies. One must always make wise decisions regarding the market and size of projects to pursue since one cannot compete with everyone. With over 44 years of market presence, we have created a strong record of providing quality work, which clients appreciate—our track record is our biggest driver. As for competition with international companies, the market is large and there is tremendous potential. We collaborate with international players on megaprojects that require cost-effective, local services and knowledge.



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