Partnered Events

5th Saudi Insurance Symposium

27 March 2019

Event Description

The Saudi Insurance Symposium (SIS) is one of the largest forum for the insurance companies across Middle East. Since the first version in February 2011, the symposium has adopted a number of policies that have had a positive impact on the insurance industry in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Insurance Symposium organized periodically every two years to shed a light on the insurance sector’s role in developing the national economy and providing solutions to the most important challenges facing this sector in Saudi Arabia. SIS works to set clear plans to address these challenges and to formulate a new vision for the insurance sector’s future and its effects on the overall economic development.

The 5th Saudi Insurance Symposium will be held on 27-28th March, 2019 under the theme: “Protection and Sustainability”. The fifth version of SIS will attract more than 1,000 insurance specialist, local officials, international managers and executives to discuss for two days, the role of insurance sector within Saudi Arabia’s economic development in light of the many new policies and regulations issued by SAMA recently.