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Astana Economic Forum: The Global Challenges Summit 2018

16 May 2018

Event Description

Astana Economic Forum is an annual Eurasian business event. Over the past decade, more than 50,000 delegates from 150 counties attended our events, including 20 Nobel Prize winners and more than 30 prominent politicians.Over 300 memoranda and agreements totalling US20 billion were signed during the congress. A wide variety of scientists, economists, journalists, politicians, world-renowned think tanks and business leaders have spoken at the Forum over the years. We chose to launch the 2018 Global Challenges Summit as part of the Astana Economic Forum in response to unprecedented social and economic progress, progress in the field of digitalisation, and rapid technological growth. Economic growth, the stability of the resource base, digitalisation and urbanisation, longevity and financial revolution, global security and cultural shifts – these are the global trends which drive the Global Challenges Summit 2018.