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Digital Next

08 December 2019
Abu Dhabi

Event Description

Digital transformation has become a top priority for leading organisations in the region and recent reports indicate that the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) region will see annual spending on digital transformation initiatives cross US$40 billion by 2022*.

With a high Online Services Index (OSI), the United Arab Emirates has been gearing up to enhance its customer, society and citizen experience. The UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution outlines Intelligent Government Services as a key focus area striving to deliver the world’s best intelligent, seamless and citizen-centric government services that boost the happiness and wellbeing of customers and citizens.

With the convergence of technologies poised to create an intense expansion of the digital ecosystem in the near future, harnessing the power of digital technologies presents an unprecedented opportunity to re-imagine and transform the business models of governments. Governments across the world are adopting innovative approaches to realize the full potential of digital transformation. Achieving optimum levels of digital transformation not only requires focusing on the right technology, but also requires an overhaul of organisational structures, governance, business process, organisational culture and mindset. Only then will the governments be able to capture the wider benefits that Digital Transformation can bring to its people and society.

The inaugural Digital Next Summit hosted by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority and organized by Messe Frankfurt Middle East on 08 – 09 December 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, presents a unique platform and opportunity to analyze, examine and understand how digital transformation is shaping the way governments across the world are embracing innovative technologies to achieve excellence. Held under the theme “Enabling Government of the Future”, the Digital Next Summit will discuss the key pillars of digital transformation which every government should explore, evaluate and engage.

* International Data Corporation (IDC)

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