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Digital Transformation Kuwait

02 November 2022

Event Description

With digital transformation as a key pillar for Kuwait Vision 2035, the country is focusing on adopting smart and digital technologies to innovate its services, drive the economy, and improve quality of life, while increasing operational efficiency and performance of key sectors. This goal has pushed for greater investment in Kuwait’s ICT market which is expected to reach 10B USD by 2024 (Global Data).

Whether it is providing access to accurate data, easier and timely communication with customers, efficient services, or informed decision making, digitalization can transform how governments and companies run their operations and services. However, to achieve digitalization goals and launch new smart services and platforms, stakeholders need to overcome critical challenges including system and data integration, cultural and behavioral adaptation to new technologies, data storage capacity, and cyber threats.

In collaboration with the Central Agency for Information Technology – CAIT, the Digital Transformation Kuwait Conference is hosted on 2-3 November 2022, to provide a national platform for Kuwait’s digitalization stakeholders and ICT experts, game changers, and leading international solution providers and consultants to discuss the latest plans and innovations in the country’s digital transformation journey, global best practices, and innovative solutions to overcome challenges faced and ensure a successful and secure digitalization.

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