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Future CFO & Finance Summit

16 March 2020

Event Description

Digital Saudi 2030 was launched in 2017 and since then we have hosted over 3000 + senior leaders from Saudi Arabia’s top corporations, enterprises, family offices, Government Authorities and regulators and influenced the future of the Kingdom’s Digital Transformation goals of Vision 2030.In line with this, we have now brought ‘The Future CFO & Finance Summit’ to the series of the most insightful knowledge driven platform to enable CFO’s and Finance leaders gain the right strategies, methodologies, services, solutions and know how to enable the transformation of the organizations into the future. The summit will host by private invitation 150 of the most influential CFO’s & Financial leaders.Being a futureproof CFO and Finance leader not only requires the ability to deliver today’s results. It requires the leaders to have tomorrow’s reinvention, strategy and operations, new perspectives, innovation all coming to play together.