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HR Vision

22 November 2017

Event Description

This has to be a knock-out year for HR. The human resource function has seen tumultuous changes in the past decade. Going from a back-office service function, to a front-line consulting function. And now, the rise of the machines, pervasive technology and digitisation, along with resounding demographic changes, rapid business models leading to increased innovation, and an altered paradigm between employer and employee (which sees the employee back on top), means HR execs are fighting harder than ever before to stand shoulder to shoulder with Finance and Marketing departments, and keep their place at the top table. The time has come for HR to redesign, reinvent and rebuild itself, the workplace, the workforce and then redevelop the way the organisation works. HR Vision London will help you, by bringing forward UK focused examples that can enhance growth, lift productivity and empower you company to thrive, by highlighting some of the best examples in the UK and further afield, and sharing some of the gory details of what didn’t work.