Partnered Events

IFN Forum Fintech

10 April 2017
Kuala Lumpur

Event Description

IFN has been showcasing a number of Islamic fintech companies over the past two years at most of the IFN forums, and 2017 will see a dedicated annual event in this space, while continuing to feature this segment in other forums in some capacity. The inaugural IFN Fintech Forum, to be held in Kuala Lumpur, will explore how the convergence of fintech and Shariah compliant financing will advance the Islamic finance industry and most importantly, the possible synergies that exist between new platforms and traditional banking systems. With growing influence on global investments and altering how business is being conducted, the importance and relevance of technology-based financial companies can no longer be ignored. Driven by innovative start-ups, the booming fintech industry is capturing traditional market share with its approach and there have been calls for traditional financial services companies to tie up with fintech companies to leverage on their penetration levels, rather than compete head-on.