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IP Week

25 February 2020

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About IP Week: defining the industry’s role, delivering a low carbon future Transformation through innovation, technology and talent

Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 13 define the need globally for all to have access to clean energy. Demand for energy continues to grow as the population expands and energy delivers wellbeing and better living standards to all. Almost 3 billion people still don’t have access to modern, safe energy for cooking, and almost a billion don’t have access to electricity and the services it provides.

The climate science is clear – we must remove harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to levels that limit the damage that global temperature rises can cause. Therefore, transformational change is needed in our approach to developing, supplying and using energy and the pace of change must accelerate.

This is a challenge and opportunity for all sectors of the global economy to address. Civil society, the state, investors, shareholders and business leaders must collaborate to deliver the transformation we need. Among each of these groups this recognition is becoming more obvious, but the challenge comes in finding ways to collaborate to deliver the solutions, because they are needed now and in the near term.