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Lithium Latin America

28 April 2020

Event Description

“Lithium triangle” that overlays Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and new emerging Peruvian market hold about 80% of the world’s “lithium resources”. That is attracting investments – more than $8 billion are to be investment in Latin America Lithium industry in next decade.

Argentina owns 20% of the world lithium deposits, located in the regions of Salta, Catamarca and Jujuy, which place it in the fourth global position. There are 23 salt flats with exploitation projects underway, plus 12 exploration initiatives and the construction of the first batteries factory in Argentina.

Bolivia has plans to build at least 14 plants in its US$ 2.3 bn lithium project in the Uyuni salt flat by 2024, and 41 plants by 2030.
Chile will invest US $2 billion in lithium projects which will allow the country to triple its production by the year 2022.
Recently discovered lithium resources deposit in Peru is expected to require an investment of US$ 800 million.

Learn more about the projects under development on construction and modernization of production facilities in Lithium industry of Latin America.