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Qatar Silk Road

03 November 2019

Event Description

The SILK ROAD is one of the oldest commercial road networks that have played a central role in cultural interaction for centuries in large parts of the Asian continent, linking China to the Mediterranean. The road contributed greatly to the exchange of political, economic and cultural experiences between China, Central Asia, Western Asia, India and Europe. Today, this historic road has begun to take root as global trade grows. In addition to the increasing volume and diversity of sea lines and ports, China has linked Asia to Europe by railway line connecting the Chinese port of Chigang to London.

The SILK ROAD Exhibition will showcase industry leading product portfolios and technologies for great opportunity to highlight the modern Silk Road from the perspective of ancient traditional services and international trade services not only by land but also by sea and air and an international forum bringing together investors, implementers and decision-makers under one roof.
Thousands of big buyers, decision makers and frontrunners will gather at the Silk Road 2019 to network, share expertise, meet new clients, identify potential prospects and grab their share of the fast-growing trading developments in Qatar.

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