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Qatar Trade Summit

25 November 2019

Event Description

Qatar has stood resilient under pressure with a diverse economy, posting stable growth through 2018 – 2019. Qatar’s GDP is estimated to be at 2.8%, and the nations spending is expected to grow moderately at 1.7%. Majority of it will be spent on strengthening trade, infrastructure and transportation. Qatar has strategically and deftly handled the situation by improving trade relations with regional partners such as Turkey, Oman, Kuwait and India. This move puts the nation on a path of robust development in the transportation, supply chain and infrastructure sectors. Strengthening these sectors has become imperative for their continued growth.

The Qatar Trade Summit, a 3 day mega event scheduled to take place from 25 – 27 November in Doha. The summit will enable deliberations on the current developments in the country and will focus on the seamless growth of the shipping sector, port infrastructure and air cargo industry which will boost the industrial and economic sector in the State of Qatar.This exclusive event will host national and international participants, key government stake holders, policy makers, regulatory authorities, port authorities, terminal operating companies, supply chain and logistics professionals, freight forwarders, air cargo companies, shipping line senior management, export managers, technology providers and a broad spectrum of trading partners on a single platform to discuss, benchmark and set a road map for Qatar’s economic growth and it’s sustenance as a regional trading leader.

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