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Saudi Transport and Logistic Services

04 February 2020

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Transport and logistics infrastructure

The Kingdom’s multi-billion dollar engine for growth and diversification

Transportation has always been an important pillar of every nation’s economy and the key to sustainable development. Therefore, it is considered one of the main sectors that contribute effectively to the renaissance of any country.Without an efficient transport sector, it would be hard to benefit from the basic advantages of any location or invest in the available opportunities for production.Since 2008, the Saudi government have invested heavily in transport infrastructure projects as part of its efforts to expand and diversify the economy. Ports have been built, airports expanded and upgraded, and railway and metro projects initiated and in some cases already completed.Saudi Arabia is investing US$140 billion over the next 10 years in expanding and upgrading its transportation sector, acknowledging its big need to expand its five main sector’s components: maritime, rail, road, air transportation, warehousing and distribution seaports. Major infrastructure projects include Riyadh Metro, Mecca Metro, Jeddah Airport and Riyadh Airport