Partnered Events

The 1st Iranian Consumer Summit

23 November 2016

Event Description

The 1st Iranian Consumer Summit 2016 will provide a unique opportunity to examine the consumer market in Iran and learn valuable lessons from those already operating and investing there. We will discuss the best ways and models to enter the market, learn how to optimize international financial transactions, evaluate legal and business risks as well as to assess consumer culture. Along with that, the summit will provide practical know-how on more detailed issues surrounding operations, distribution, HR, legal and marketing. The audience will also hear about the process of local Iranian companies’ selection for partnering, conducting due diligence and KYC procedures for ensuring long-term reliable and trustful relationships. The summit will provide a networking platform for foreign investors and corporates, both those who only now are looking to enter Iran but also those who already are operating there; as well as local Iranian manufacturing companies, distributers, legal and advisory firms.