Partnered Events

The Arab Artificial Intelligence Summit

29 October 2019

Event Description

Phi Science Institute, in cooperation with Beyond limits, decided to take the lead of gathering Artificial Intelligence professionals, Arab governments, young researchers, investors, start-ups, and different stakeholders, at one place and from all over the Arab region to discuss and share future prospects of artificial intelligence in Jordan and the whole Arab world.

We believe that this summit is an essential event that should occur in every Arab country. Therefore, starting from Jordan in 2019, the summit will be hosted in a different Arab country each year. This will help in spreading the awareness about AI technologies among the whole region, in addition to letting different countries present their achievement and breakthrough in AI.

In the aim of being the starting point for the change in the Arab region, and to achieve the mentioned goal, this summit will be tackling three main themes: Digital Transformation, General Awareness, AI for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

AI knocked on the doors of almost every sector, shaping the future in its way and giving the lead for whom decided to use it. However, to raise the awareness of where the world has reached in the 21st century, we will be focusing on mentioning the updates and breakthroughs in: AI in Healthcare, AI in Energy and Green Technology, AI Financial Technologies, AI-Focused IoT, AI in Education.

The Future is Now!