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The Euromoney Qatar Conference 2015

09 December 2015

Event Description

The global financial and investment environment has seldom been harder to navigate. For each sign of a return to growth there is a contrary indicator of continued instability. For policy-makers, financiers and investors this landscape requires new sources of information, new analytical methods and new skillsets. We don’t yet know what the next equilibrium will look like or when it will happen. But we do know that it will take some time to get there and the road will be bumpy. What we need to find our way is a top-down holistic view of the changes in play and the new opportunities and risks they bring. In short: we need a strategic view of the new reality, the new threats and the new opportunities. The 2015 Euromoney Qatar Conference will give this view. We have chosen four main themes – global ‘order’, finance/economics, energy, and technology. Each panel of the conference will address one global theme and specifically focus on what it means for Qatar and for Qatari investment/finance.

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