Partnered Events

Toronto Global Forum

26 October 2020

Event Description

Building on the success of the IEFA Online Conversation Series launched in April 2020, the International Economic Forum of the Americas continues its pursuit of bringing together the world’s leaders, legislators, economists, Fortune 500 CEOs and world-class experts, to an active and impactful platform for dialogue, corporate insight and collaboration. Join us for this first online special edition of the Toronto Global Forum, as we continue our commitment to advancing, understanding, exchanging insights, and sharing solutions to the major challenges facing the world today. This will be an opportunity to witness in real time the comments and perspectives that will make headlines and trend on social media. The IEFA’s event platform will also provide an array of networking opportunities including information kiosks, media outreach and virtual meetings between delegates and speakers live and in-person. So while you may not be able to shake hands, you can leave lasting impressions by engaging other participants in private online meetings and exchanges. Check back often for updates on speakers and more platforms that will permit extraordinary networking opportunities for attendees.