Partnered Events

Women Empowerment & Leadership Summit

03 December 2017
Kuwait City

Event Description

The 3rd Edition Kuwait Women Empowerment and Leadership summit 2017 is a Forum which will bring together up to 200 female stakeholders to champion gender parity and celebrate women in leadership. Held under the Theme “Empowering Women for a Brighter Tomorrow”. This year’s forum will put a strong emphasis on sustainability, the role of gender, cultural and ethnic diversity in driving economic prosperity. The program touches on key aspects of our modern society and explores diversity as the driving force of our collective future. Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and social impact, as well as education and arts and culture will be a few of the key areas of focus which would be focused on at this forum. Designed to facilitate discussion, the program promotes innovative thinking, nurture their professional growth and provide with actionable strategies to further their personal development.