Kuwait Investment Outreach Event Celebrates 125 Years of UK-Kuwait Bilateral Relations

London March 5, 2024—Kuwait Investment Outreach, an event organized by TBY, the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KDIPA, and the UK Department for Business and Trade, marked 125 years of UK-Kuwait bilateral relations and aimed to strengthen trade and investment ties. It was an occasion to celebrate historical trade success and shape future collaborations in the key areas of innovation and economic development. The gathering also sought to foster discussions on tech-driven economic strategies and partnerships that will benefit Kuwait and the UK going forward.

The event, which took place on March 5 at The Peninsula Hotel in London, was attended by over 120 top-tier government representatives and business leaders from both economies. Representatives of both the private and public sectors gathered to explore new avenues for investment, particularly in emerging sectors that promise mutual growth and prosperity.

HE Dr. Anwar Ali Al-Muthaf, Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Economic and Investment Affairs of Kuwait, delivered the opening remarks outlining various channels for improvement, emphasizing the need for strategic investments and economic reforms, followed by the keynote speech by Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon, Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict and Minister of State (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, United Nations, and the Commonwealth) of the UK, who reflected on the UK’s commitment to global peace and stability, enriching the dialogue on the future of Kuwait-UK bilateral relations. Abdulwahab Al Rushood, Acting Group CEO of Kuwait Finance House (KFH), and Abdulrazzaq T. Razooqi, Senior VP of Advisory and M&A at Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz), also delivered insightful speeches at the event. Al Rushood focused on innovative banking solutions and their impact on economic growth, while Razooqi delved into strategic investment approaches and M&A trends shaping the region’s financial landscape. Their expertise offered valuable perspectives on advancing Kuwait’s financial sector.

During the event, there were also three panel discussions. The first addressed finance and investments, highlighting key investment opportunities and financial strategies. The second panel analyzed UK-Kuwait ties from a diplomatic perspective, while the third and final panel explored areas of Technological Advancement and Digital Innovation, shedding light on the critical role of technology in shaping future economic landscapes. Panelists included: Sheikh Ahmad Al Duaij Al Sabah, Chairman of the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) and Chairman of the Commercial Bank of Kuwait; Faisal Sarkhou, CEO, Kamco Invest; Alderman Alastair King, Founder and Chairman, Naisbitt King Asset Management Limited; Joanna Mobed, Co-Head, Global Origination, UK Export Finance; Lord Dominic Johnson, Minister of State in the Department for Business and Trade; HE Sadiq Marafi M. Marafi, Assistant Deputy of Foreign Affairs & Minister for European Affairs; HE Bader Al-Awadi, Kuwait Ambassador to UK; HE Belinda Lewis, UK Ambassador to Kuwait; Esam Alkheshnam, CEO, KNet; Robert Barnes, Co-CEO, BPX Digital Securities Exchange; David Rutter, CEO, R3; and Juliette Wilcox, Cyber Security Ambassador for UK Defense and Security Exports, Department for Business and Trade. These discussions aimed at forging pathways for collaborative growth and innovation.

The event was promoted by KDIPA and organized by TBY, with the support of KBA, KFH, Kamco Invest, Zain, and Kuwait Finance Center – Markaz.

The Kuwait Investment Outreach event in London concluded on a positive, forward-looking note, emphasizing the collaborative spirit and shared ambitions that define the Kuwait-UK partnership. The discussions and insights shared by esteemed speakers underscored a commitment to leveraging digital innovation and financial strategies for mutual growth, setting a dynamic roadmap for the future of bilateral economic relations.