SAP launches first Public Cloud Data Center


The launch of SAP’s Public Cloud Data Center represents the centerpiece of SAP’s four-year investment plan for Saudi Arabia. The project has received a total of SAR285 million in IT infrastructure investment.

BMI Research estimates that with the new cloud technology, the Kingdom’s IT market could grow to SAR33 billion in 2018 alone.

The Public Cloud Data Center is part of the Digital Hub, which also includes an open digital platform supporting entrepreneurship, co-innovation with customers, partners, and the wider ecosystem, the leveraging of cloud solutions to solve real world problems, and the production of local content to support the Saudi vision of digital transformation.

TBY is focusing on the digital transformation of Saudi Arabia in its forthcoming fifth annual edition on the Kingdom’s economy, and was thus media partner to the launch.

Given the all-encompassing impact of technology on all other sectors, as well as on government administration and operations, digital transformation will be one of the key focal points of the publication.

Coverage thus far includes interviews with Minister of Communications and IT, Abdullah Al Swaha, the first interview in the IT chapter, as well as executives from Yesser E-Government, who discussed the development of a centralized e-portal, and representatives from the National Center for Digital Certification, who spoke about digitalizing and safeguarding the official interaction between the government and its citizens.

Furthermore, two other IT players, Thiqah and Takamol, have shed light on strategies for involving the private sector more in areas where the government has previously played a dominant role. KACST, TAQNIA, and other universities presented their vision on research agendas and the practical impact of technological innovation.

In the private sector, Zain, STC, Mobily, Lebara, and Virgin have all spoken to TBY on the telecommunications landscape and the anticipated impact of IoT and 5G.

SAP, along with CISCO, HPE, and Microsoft, the global giants, all share their stories in the publication, focusing on cloud technology and developing the necessary IT infrastructure. Together, this presents an overview of the wave of transformation being spearheaded as part of Vision 2030, and of which we can see tangible examples in Saudi society. The most obvious of these, of course, is SAP’s Public Cloud Data Center, a new milestone for the country.

“Today’s SAP Public Cloud Data Center launch marks the beginning of a new level of cloud-based digital solutions to accelerate transformation and competitiveness in the Kingdom, underscoring our commitment to Saudi Vision 2030,” said Ahmed Al-Faifi, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, SAP Middle East North. “Our in-country Public Cloud Data Center will enable Saudi public and private sector organizations to securely migrate their business to the digital sphere.”

Using the SAP Public Cloud Data Center, organizations can adopt opex-friendly and scalable cloud solutions in any of 25 industries and 12 lines of business.

“Our investment in a Public Cloud Data Center is aimed at supporting the Kingdom’s transformation into a leading digital economy, enabling young Saudi talent to innovate, and fostering the next generation of Saudi leaders,” said Khaled Alsaleh, the newly appointed Managing Director for SAP Saudi Arabia. “Saudi organizations using our SAP Public Cloud Data Center can optimize their budgets, and analyze data easily and securely for new levels of business innovation to excel.”

The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2018 will be published in September 2018.