TBY awards Global Building Contract

Kazakhstan, February 23, 2015—International publisher of economic annual The Business Year (TBY) has recognized Global Building Contract for its work in Kazakhstan’s construction sector.

Katya Koryakovtseva, TBY Country Manager, introduced the award by saying, “TBY presents a range of awards celebrating successes in all fields of business every year. On behalf of TBY, I am proud to formally recognize Global Building Contract as one of the leading companies of the year. The company plays a major role in the development of the real estate and construction sector in Kazakhstan.”

In an exclusive interview with TBY, Mukhit Azirbayev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Global Building Contract, said, “We have been active in developing all segments of the real estate business. In four to five years, the company has established a solid reputation and managed to put up a great deal of real estate in the city. I believe there is one crucial thing that has greatly contributed to the company’s success; since the very first day, we have been crystal clear about Global Building Contract’s positioning in the market. We positioned ourselves as a developer, not just a simple construction company.”

Global Building Contract

Over the last five years Global Building Contract has released 4,700 apartments, both in Astana and Almaty. Global Building Contract develops all the residential market segments, including comfort class, business, and high-end solutions. In 2012 the residential complex “Altyn Bulak” was awarded with the “Choice of the Year” award. The company has established strategic partnerships with leading Kazakhstani banks, namely Kazkommertsbank, Sberbank, Halyk Bank, Tsesna Bank, and BTA Bank.