TBY awards Odebrecht

Colombia, October 31, 2014—International publisher of economic annuals, The Business Year (TBY), has formally recognized and acclaimed Odebrecht as its Engineering and Construction Company of the Year. TBY presents a range of awards celebrating successes in all fields of business every year.

The excellence of the group has been commended not only by the international investment community represented by our readers, but by the Colombian state and its people by their awarding of further concessions, such as the Magdalena River Project, which demonstrates the group’s willingness to build upon its legacy of infrastructure projects in Colombia. Carla Albertí de la Rosa, TBY’s Regional Director, introduced the award by saying, “on behalf of TBY, we would like to formally recognize Odebrecht as the Engineering and Construction Company of the Year. These projects will have a huge impact on Colombia’s economy and will change the country’s direction from today and always.”

Odebrecht has led the development of some of Colombia’s most important infrastructure works, including La Ruta del Sol, and unified consortiums with other notable Colombian construction groups. TBY commended the group’s readiness to assume leadership of one of the most iconic infrastructure project in Colombia’s history, the Magdalena River Project, and wished Odebrecht all the best in realizing a series of landmark projects that will change the face of Colombia’s transport infrastructure forever.

Mr. Eleuberto Martorelli, Director of Odebrecht in Colombia, was delighted to receive the award on behalf of the company in Bogotá. Speaking about the Magdalena River Project, Martorelli commented that, “The recovery of the navigability of the Magdalena River is fundamental for increasing competitiveness in the country, because it means a lower cost in transport load that consequently will have economic and social benefits for Colombians,” adding that, “this project strengthens Odebrecht’s presence of more than 22 years in the country and is the ideal scenario to apply, along our partner Valorcon, our knowledge, management capacity, and expertise in quality execution, respecting the environment, and generating wealth for the communities and the country’s economic growth.”


Odebrecht is a global organization of Brazilian origin, with a ongoing commitment to satisfying its clients, generating value for its shareholders, developing the communities in which it does business, and helping its members fulfill their potential. With a presence in 23 coutnries, diversified business activities, and a decentralized structure, the company does business in the fields of engineering and construction, industry, and in the development and operation of infrastructure and energy projects, creating integrated and innovative solutions that serve both our clients and our communities. In 1992, Odebrecht won the contract to build the Loma-Santa Marta Railroad in Colombia, thus starting its operations in the country. The Odebrecht Group completed 70 years in 2014, with diversified operations through its 15 businesses, three investment funds, and five supporting companies, in addition to the social activities of the Odebrecht Foundation and the wide range of socio-environmental and cultural programs in the communities in which they are found.