TBY awards Verny Capital Group

Kazakhstan, February 11, 2015—International publisher of economic annual The Business Year (TBY) has recognized Verny Capital Group as the best private equity company of the year.

Katya Koryakovtseva, TBY Country Manager, introduced the award by saying, “TBY presents a range of awards celebrating successes in all fields of business every year: on behalf of TBY, I am proud to formally recognize Verny Capital Group as one of the leading companies of the Year. The company’s activity is having a positive impact on several sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy.”

By acquiring and controlling significant minority stakes in private Kazakhstani companies Verny Capital is supporting the development of a diversified economy in the country. In an exclusive interview with TBY, Erlan Ospanov, CEO of Verny Capital Group, said: “Since Verny Capital was established in 2006, our assets have grown to $4 billion. We became a diversified group, we have expertise and experience, and, for our strategic partners, we offer expertise on how to do business here in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. I can say that all of our partners are happy to do business with us here. Verny Capital is an active partner, and not just an investment partner. We participate intensely in the strategic management of each of our investments”.

About Verny Capital Group

Verny Capital Group of Companies focuses on the management of investment projects in the mineral resource industry, telecoms, financial services, mass media, infrastructure and franchising projects, and real estate in Kazakhstan and in the CIS region. The total volume of investments managed by the group is approximately $4 billion.