TBY launches The Business Year: Lebanon 2014

Lebanon, April 15, 2015—The Business Year (TBY), a leading research firm and publisher of annual economic resources on national economies, organized a press breakfast at Le Gray Hotel in Downtown Beirut to announce the findings of its Lebanon 2014 publication, and to offer a sneak preview of its research for 2015.

The Business Year’s Press Breakfast, held under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, gathered together representatives from among Lebanon’s foremost media groups.

Following the welcome note by Corina Denov, TBY’s Country Manager, keynote speeches were given by HE Dr. Alain Hakim, Lebanon’s Minister of Economy and Trade, and TBY’s Managing Editor Leland Rice, who presented information on TBY’s annual research.

“Lebanon is consummately adept at attracting investment due to its strategic location, which makes it a regional and international business hub with global market reach,” said HE Dr. Alain Hakim. “Furthermore, its educated, multilingual and multi-skilled workforce represents a unique asset. As an incisive publication, The Business Year has long highlighted both economic challenges and opportunities. It is therefore a crucial platform connecting the reader with the business world through incisive and up-to-date coverage of the key developments in global commerce and industry.”

“Our coverage is a testimony to Lebanon’s resilience,” added Rice. “The challenges of the region are clear, but the business leaders and policy makers we spoke to are responding with ingenuity. We feature a number of Lebanese businesses that are diversifying their geographic footprints beyond the region and leveraging Lebanon’s strong human capital base to find domestic growth in healthcare tourism, fund management, digital media, and agriculture. Our coverage runs the full economic spectrum, but I believe the overarching theme this year is opportunity amid complexity.”

The opening ceremony was followed by a press conference, where the attendees had occasion to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in the Lebanese market with the representatives from TBY and the Minister of Economy himself.

With more than 120 exclusive interviews, The Business Year: Lebanon is the most comprehensive publication in English on the Lebanese economy to date, and an important tool for international investors seeking opportunities in the region. In addition to an estimated internal circulation of approximately 12,000 physical copies and widely circulated digital versions available on iPad, iPhone, and Android applications, physical copies will reach out to over 97,700 subscribers worldwide.

Following the success of its 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions, The Business Year: Lebanon 2015 will provide coverage of all major sectors of the economy and serve as a platform for further analysis on specific topics such as the importance of the banking sector in the Lebanese economy, Lebanese businesses succeeding abroad, privatization of the country’s telecoms sector, and Beirut’s potential as a health tourism destination.