TBY names NSE as the Most Innovative Stock Exchange in Africa 2016

TBY presented Oscar N. Onyema, OON, CEO of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), with an award recognizing the exchange as the Most Innovative Stock Exchange in Africa 2016.

The award, which was presented on October 16 at the NSE’s head office, recognizes the advances the NSE has made in advancing investor experience and its implementation of advanced technologies, innovative trading capabilities, and a new trading platform. Already the second largest platform in Africa, the NSE has successfully employed advanced technologies such as the e-dividend management system is helping position the exchange as a 21st century stock market.

During his interview with TBY, Oscar N. Onyema, OON, explained the increasingly positive role the NSE is playing in drawing investors to the market. “We play a role that spans the value chain from promoting Nigeria as an investment destination to engaging with portfolio managers to talk about the details of the experience,” Onyema told TBY. “The NSE ensures the ease of doing business on our platform and from that the experience you get is world-class.” As part of that endeavour the NSE is allowing dual-listings with the London Stock Exchange, and working to further support the access to capital through efficient electronic platforms.

The NSE has carried out a number of initiatives to ensure that investor experiences are positive, with the introduction of a corporate governance rating system, as well as listing and trading for equities as well as fixed income and exchange funds, and it is expected that derivatives will be launched in 1Q2017. As Onyema explained, “To ensure that foreign portfolio investors have a good experience in Nigeria, we make sure they are able to access their funds when they want to exit and that we understand what their issues are and address those as quickly as possible.”

TBY, a leading research firm and publisher of annual economic resources on national economies, is currently conducting interviews and fact-finding for its third yearly edition dedicated to Nigeria. Produced in partnership with the Presidency of Nigeria, this issue will include interviews with over 200 of Nigeria’s leading figures in business, politics, and economics. The Business Year: Nigeria 2017 will be available in the first quarter of 2017 in its printed version and via TBY’s iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile applications.