TBY Peru Awards APM Terminals Callao

TBY presented Dallas Hampton, CEO of APM Terminals Callao, with an award recognizing the company’s track record of innovation and economic development. Edoardo Caccin, TBY’s Country Editor in Peru, praised APM Terminals Callaos’ work in improving and modernizing the port since being awarded the concession in 2011

“As Country Editor for The Business Year: Peru 2016, I have had the privilege of meeting with key leaders in government and private industry across all sectors of the Peruvian economy in the course of creating our soon-to-be-released economic overview,” said Caccin. “APM Terminals Callaos’ focus on innovation and infrastructure development has resulted in tremendous gains for the Peruvian economy and raised the standards for shipping success in Peru. Its constant drive for improvement in every aspect of Peru’s main port has generated attention on both the national and regional scale.”

Headquartered in the Netherlands, APM Terminals operates 72 port and terminal facilities worldwide. This global reach and experience, says Caccin, has proved invaluable in developing Peru’s largest port. He also praised APM Terminals’ efforts in creating a safe and secure work environment, highlighting the implementation of several worker safety technologies.

“APM Terminals’ track record of success and ability to leverage its global reach and experience to create a robust port infrastructure is without equal in the industry,” said Caccin. “We look forward to seeing what the future holds for such a talented and innovative company.”

Further information about APM’s operations in Peru, including an interview with Dallas Hampton, can be found in upcoming The Business Year: Peru 2016.