TBY recognizes Poweron

Ecuador, May 28, 2015—TBY has formally recognised and acclaimed Poweron as TBY’s Innovator of the Year. TBY presents a range of awards celebrating successes in all fields of business every year.

TBY recognized Poweron’s continuous work and effort since the company was founded five years ago, achieving 70% of the Ecuadorian market through the development of innovative and sustainable projects and their capacity in generating strategic alliances. Cristiana Di Filippo, TBY’s Country Manager in Ecuador, introduced the award by saying, “our objective is to highlight the most successful stories in all the markets we cover around the world. Taking into account the global economy’s dynamism, we launched the Innovator of the Year award as one of the most distinguished recognitions for the commitment in change and innovation.”

Mauricio Zanella, General Manager of Poweron, expressed his gratitude by stating, “This award symbolizes the everyday effort and dedication that we offer in our services. I want to thank everyone who is a part of Poweron, this award is for all of us, without you this would have never been possible.”


Poweron is a company founded five years ago that offers generation and provision of integral solutions to the oil and mining industries. It offers efficient solutions through quality processes and procedures, creative innovation, technology and punctuality based in corporate values and organizational philosophy. Its main business lines are: operations and maintenance, electric generation and electric assembly, mechanic and civil. Since its creation, Poweron has had a revenue growth of over 1,000%.