TBY returns to Lebanon

Lebanon, February 25, 2015—Leading provider of business information and publisher of annual trade and investment resources, The Business Year (TBY), has returned to Beirut for the realization of the fourth edition of The Business Year: Lebanon.

Present in over 20 countries worldwide, TBY meets with the top political, commercial, and industrial leaders to deliver targeted information, in-depth analysis, and strategic advice to the global business community on economic trends and investment opportunities. With more than 120 exclusive interviews and an estimated internal circulation of approximately 20,000 physical copies, The Business Year: Lebanon is the most comprehensive publication in English on the Lebanese economy to date, and an important tool for international investors seeking opportunities in the region.

Following the success of 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions, The Business Year: Lebanon 2015 will cover all sectors of the economy and serve as a platform for further analysis on specific topics such as importance of the banking sector in the Lebanese economy, the privatization of the country’s telecoms sector, as well as Beirut’s potential as a health tourism destination. In addition to providing its readers with accurate information about country’s investment climate, The Business Year: Lebanon 2015 will also familiarize investors with the legal and tax frameworks.