Unlocking Mexico’s Nearshoring Horizon: A Transformative Event

The Business Year successfully concluded its latest event, “Unlocking Mexico’s Nearshoring Horizon.” Hosted at Club 51, the event brought together thought leaders from various sectors to explore the immense potential and opportunities presented by Mexico’s burgeoning nearshoring industry. The event also marks the launch of The Business Year’s 12th publication on Mexico, The Business Year: Mexico 2024.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Federico Cerdas, CEO of Global Businesses & Skyhaus, who set the stage for an engaging and insightful discussion on nearshoring strategies and their implications for Mexico’s economic growth.

The first panel, “Fueling Mexico’s Investment Momentum,” delved into the power of connectivity, telecommunications, and data centers in driving business growth in Mexico. Panelists, including Amet Novillo, President of the Asociación Mexicana de Datacenters (MEXDC); Simón Masri, President & CEO of C3ntro Telecom; Euridice Ibarlucea, President of the Mexican Association of Fire Protection; and moderator Raul Cuatzint H., Country Manager at CloudHQ, LLC, engaged in a lively debate on the opportunities and challenges in Mexico’s nearshoring landscape. Discussions revolved around leveraging advanced connectivity infrastructure, navigating the telecommunications sector, and ensuring the security and efficiency of data centers to support the growth of the digital economy.

The second panel, “Energizing Mexico’s Future,” focused on securing sustainable power supply to drive Mexico’s future growth. Panelists, including Andres Brugmann, President of AMEXHI; Ana Laura Ludlow, VP of Government Affairs & Sustainability at ENGIE; and Martín Toscano, President of Evonik, explored sustainable energy solutions, energy security challenges, and innovations in power generation and distribution, in a discussion moderated by Ignacio Lejarraga, The Business Year’s Country Editor in Mexico. The panelists highlighted the importance of accelerating the adoption of renewable energy sources, enhancing energy security, and embracing innovative technologies to build a more efficient and resilient energy ecosystem for Mexico.

Throughout the event, participants were actively engaged in thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities, and knowledge-sharing sessions. Attendees had the chance to gain valuable insights, forge new connections, and explore potential collaborations to drive Mexico’s nearshoring and energy agendas forward.

The event left participants inspired and motivated to seize the opportunities presented by Mexico’s dynamic nearshoring landscape and sustainable energy sector.

The event was organized by The Business Year, in collaboration with Club 51 and industry partners. With a commitment to driving economic growth and innovation, The Business Year strives to create platforms for meaningful dialogue and collaboration to unlock new opportunities for businesses and industries worldwide.