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Angola 2024



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Angola’s economy stood at the crossroads of transformation throughout 2023, with officials confronting the challenges that have swept the globe of late, including inflationary pressure, while attempting to draw up plans for more sustainable development. The country’s fortunes remain tightly intwined with those of the oil and gas sector, which continues to represent a sizeable portion of GDP. This renders the country susceptible to the undulations of global oil prices, something that will need to change longer term.

It is against this backdrop that we teamed up with AIPEX and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Angola (CCIA) to produce this 170-page publication featuring interviews with business leaders from every major sector of the economy, as well as a range of articles and analysis.


Here is just a selection of the interviews contained:

  • João Lourenço, President, Republic of Angola
  • Victor Hugo Guilherme, Minister of Economy and Planning
  • Vanessa Simões, Chairwoman, Capital Markets Commission (CMC)
  • Sebastião Gaspar Martins, CEO, Sonangol
  • Sergio Griffa, CEO, Promasidor
  • Antonio Hou, CEO, Huawei
  • Manuel António Kandakanda, CEO, Caminho de Ferro de Luanda (CFL-EP)
  • António Graça, CEO, Mota Engil
  • Amyn Habib, CEO, Centrooptico
  • Filipe Silvino de Pina Zau, Minister of Culture and Tourism


The publication also features a range of articles and analysis, including:

  • Strategic diplomatic and economic ties
  • Imports and exports
  • Namibe
  • Mines as attractions
  • Angolanization
  • Food security
  • Angosat 2
  • Lobito Corridor
  • Boosting quality in construction
  • Healthcare access
  • Tourism promotion



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