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Costa Rica 2018

PUBLISHED March 2018



TBY assesses trends and developments in all major economic sectors of particular countries, including finance, energy, industry, ICT, transport, real estate and construction, agriculture, health and education, and tourism. Often featuring more than 150 face-to-face interviews with top business and political leaders, TBY’s country-specific editions are among the most comprehensive annual economic publications available internationally.

Each print publication also includes a TBY Analytics insert in which we comparatively analyze metadata from our extensive body of interviews in order to better understand business sentiment and predict trends.

Costa Rica has hit headlines in recent years for all the right reasons; its solid green credentials, strong human resources, and increasingly high-tech manufacturing base put it in good stead to tackle the 21st century.

Costa Rica continued to hit headlines for all the right reasons over 2017, announcing another milestone in its green energy crusade, the realization of several significant investments by foreign companies, and the arrival of the first Costa Rican pineapples in China. The Business Year: Costa Rica 2018, with its sentiment-driven research, is a must-read for anyone interested in what is driving the engines of growth in this Central American nation.



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