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COVID-19 Briefing 2



An update on the response to COVID-19 as we enter 2H2020.


The threat of a global pandemic has long been known about, but COVID- 19’s almost unstoppable spread took everyone by surprise. By July, however, a number of countries had started to bring the virus somewhat under control—lockdowns were being lifted and people were beginning life under the “new normal.” The question now is, what next?

Do we return to a carbon-based society or use this opportunity to create a greener economy? How do we prepare for a possible second wave, and is track-and-trace the key to avoiding strict lockdown measures? Are remote-based work and closed-door sporting events the new norm? And, perhaps most importantly, how do we jump-start recovery for sectors devastated by the tumultuous 1H2020?

This 19-page special report seeks to answer these questions through a series of essays and analysis.



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