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Digital Innovation

PUBLISHED April 2022


A look at Saudi Arabia’s digital innovation journey since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Like countries the world over, Saudi Arabia has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. But while other nations simply adapted to the work-from-home model and embraced digital payment solutions more readily, Saudi Arabia undertook a fundamental overhaul of its national technology strategy. This report explores the countless digital innovations being integrated with daily life in Saudi Arabia, based on interviews with key contributors to the country’s technology ecosystem.

This 29-page publication documents the historic adoption of technology that is transforming life in Saudi Arabia today. This publication is about adaptation. It is about the change that took place during the pandemic and about what that change has created in the post-pandemic era.

Exclusive interviews contained:

Ali Nasser Alasiri, CEO, National Digital Transformation Unit (NDU)
Dr. Mohammed Altamimi, Governor, Communications and Information, Technology Commission (CITC)
Ibrahim M. Babelli, Deputy Minister for Planning and Vision Realization, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Deghaither, CEO, Zain KSA
Naif Albuty, CEO, Esri Saudi Arabia
Abdulaziz Al Afaleg, Managing Director, Saudi Payments
Nejoud Al Mulaik, Director, FintechSaudi
Waleed Al Mogbel, CEO, Al Rajhi Bank
Ahmed Al Enezi, CEO, stc pay
Abdullah Al-Othman, Founder & Chairman, Geidea

Articles and analysis cover:

The explosion in payments during COVID-19 
Financial services
Saudi Arabia’s new digital start-up ecosystem
Food delivery

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